• Leolab

    Mission Eighteen: Moirai

    September 26, 2017 by Leolab

    "So," Lloyd says, looking at the beings gathered in the cargo hold of the Moirai, his personal ship, "Today, we're going to kill a god."

    The group - the normal Dawn Voyager crew with a couple additions, namely Atea, Theo Arnolds, Hayashi Toro, and three members of Freelance - just stared at him for a bit.

    "Wonderful," Theo says, "I was wondering how this week could possibly get worse."

    "Well, that was the dramatics part. Are you folks familiar with the Niso tale of the War of the Demons?"

    "Fairly," Roar-Ree pipes up, "About three thousand Earth-years ago, two demons fought in Toka's seas. One was cyan and devoured everything it touched, the other was blue and did the same. The blue demon won, sealed the cyan one offworld, and then just kinda le…

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  • Leolab

    "Alright, boys and girl, time to tie up some loose ends," Theo says as The Raven parks itself on the surface of Lachesis VII. "Now, who else here doesn't have the hologram implant?"

    Alessandra raises her hand, and Theo hands her a small headset while putting one on himself.

    "You got a new toy, Tee?" Ricao asks, activating his implant.

    "Yeah. Not exactly new, but I haven't really had the chance to use it yet. Still works pretty well for this mission, so..." Theo presses a few buttons on the table, and a three-dimensional image of a moon flickers to life. Alessandra blinks, and slightly adjusts her headband to look at the air in front of her. Seeing nothing, she puts it back on and tilts her head in confusion. "They don't show up in real-space," …

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    "So we're going down to the Dark, huh?" Roar-Ree says as the group boards the submarine, studiously ignoring the tense atmosphere behind them.

    "What is the meaning of this, Solieye?" Alcha growls, staring at the Centralist Niso.

    "We are simply honoring a contract with Lloyd-"

    "As are we."

    "My girlfriend would tell me some of the tales about that area," Roar-Ree continues as the hatch closes, cutting off most of the noise. "There was something about a pair of three-thousand year old monsters that ate everything."

    The sub dived, ignoring the angry voices behind it. Seven beings were now in a high-pressure capsule, venturing into the depths of a planetary sea.

    "You don't need to worry about those," Lloyd chuckles.

    "What, was that one of your contrac…

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    "You sure we're arms dealers, boss?" Amelia Harris asks as she enters Evan's quarters, "'cause we've been acting more like mercenaries lately."

    "We demonstrate confidence in our products by using them. Or at least that's how I spin it," Evan replies, looking up from the screen, "Sad truth is, there's not a lot of arms deals going around. The galaxy is in chaos right now; almost every group has some method of making their own weaponry."

    "So we're screwed, basically."

    "We're good at combat, at least. Hell, we've got more jobs from our Tokan contacts."

    "You mean that Civil War business?"

    "The same. Call the rest of the crew in; I'll bring the jobs up."

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  • Leolab

    Theo opened some mail in The Ravens communications hub. A couple of his contacts had indicated that the remnants of the Ryu Hasu had been in contact with members of the Tokan civil war. Keen to finish his job, he'd reached out to both sides, looking to trade work for information and coin. He'd intended to go with whichever side responded first. As if by some contrivance of god, however, the two responses had arrived at exactly the same time - down to the nanosecond, if the timestamps were to be believed. Let's let them have a say this time... he thought, bringing both jobs up on the screens as he paged his crew. On the left was the job offer from the Merchants:

    Meanwhile, the right screen had the offer from the Centralists:

    Theo waiting until h…

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  • Leolab

    Yorke looks at the flashing airlock light, waiting for the door to disengage. Lloyd had docked with their ship, and was entering; The rest of the crew was resting in their rooms, and he was waiting for his employer. The door finally opens, and the tall, thin humanoid steps in, tipping his trademark hat.

    "I've found it," he says, without preamble, "The purple Key is on Toka."

    "Excellent. Where?"

    "The Ocean."

    Yorke gives Lloyd a blank look, unsure of how serious his employer is.

    "I aint joking, it's in the Ocean. Best I can tell, it's mobile. Likely eaten by an Inyb in the Dark."

    Yorke shuddered slightly; he'd been to Toka a couple times on supply runs. The tales the native Niso told of the Dark - the places in the planet-spanning ocean without an…

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  • Leolab

    Remy Yousser reclined in his office, awaiting the next case that would be brought to him. He gazed at the now-off news monitor; the vanishing of Bliss had hit him harder than he'd thought it would, and more so because no one actually knew what happened. He took a deep breath and winced, realizing he hadn't had a smoke in a while. As he grabbed some of his leaves, his communicator flared to life, revealing a thin, sinister Skaakian. This man caused even Remy to be slightly deferential.

    "How can I help you, R'thm Bassam?"

    "You're good at finding people, yes?"

    "I am."

    "And I heard you had a run-in with the Wolves a little while ago."

    "With such good information sources..."

    "I hardly need you?" R'thm Bassam's face unfolded into a gin, and Remy wince…

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  • Leolab

    Free RP

    July 14, 2016 by Leolab

    Since there's interest for this, I'm putting up a free RP blog. I'm not going to have a turn on here unless you want to use a major NPC (i.e, Hayashi Toro, Oeh-Wje, Lloyd, any Solo antagonists etc. etc.), so this is all up to you to set up, order, and comment. Just do me a favor and add dates/times/etc.

    And yes, anything too crazy will be retconned as a story, TV show, or something along those lines.

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  • Leolab

    Theo Arnolds lounged in a restaurant, waiting for his order to be brought to him. He'd just finished a job, so he felt entitled to splurge a little. He ignored the stares of the other patrons; his combat gear didn't mesh with the posh, formal atmosphere of the place. But, given that he was able to pay the 2361 plaht for his meal in cash, the staff declined to throw him out. A waiter arrived and set a bowl down, and Theo grabbed the fork and knife. He had ordered Inyb Unadon; a dish prepared in Terran style using meat from a Tokan eel.

    "An interesting choice," a scaly voice rasped, sitting down across from him. "As I recall, Inyb is very rare and very dangerous. Rare since it's as like to eat a hunter as it is to be caught, and dangerous sin…

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  • Leolab

    Jack Yorke walked out of his scheduled therapy session and into the milling crowds on Bliss, noting a marked change in the atmosphere from when he had first landed on the planet. Rather than the fearful, xenophobic throng that had been taken in by Terra Prima, the people around him were more hopeful. The planet was well on its way to recovery.

    He grabbed an apple for a couple Aught and bit into it as he walked, smiling and returning the greetings of those who walked past. The deeds he and his crew had performed made them popular amongst the populace. In between Lloyd's jobs, they had become a major part of the Bliss Militia's propaganda. I could probably get elected at this rate... he mused. It felt much like the first few days after the Cen…

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  • Leolab

    Jak Yorke woke up on an operating table. Confused and disoriented, he wildly looks around the room to try and get his bearings.

    "Tumulus Memorial Hospital on Bliss," a familiar voice says next to him.

    "Lloyd. What the hell..?"

    "Your last two missions took you to places that had some... issues... with slip-space," his employer says, walking into his line of vision, "You and your crew were having some sanity issues. So I knocked you out and used my abilities to perform noninvasive neurosurgery." Lloyd punctuates his sentence by shape-shifting his hands into a pair of scalpels. "You've lost a good month or so."

    "A month?"

    "A month."

    "And what have we been doing that past month?"

    "Raiding a Terra Prima base to get the clear Key, which you got, and th…

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  • Leolab

    Evan Washington walks into the communications chamber of the North Star, having been alerted of two messages when he had entered his ship. He sits down and listens to the first.

    The Merchants... as I recall, they want to keep the corrupt democracy, Evan thinks, They represent the wealthiest Tokans, so their pay will be excellent. Not sure how well the team will think of slaughtering civilians, though. "Not to mention it'll get me right back on the NGLA watch list," he mutters before playing the next message.

    And the Centralists want to change the government, Evan thinks, They won't have as much cash, but a simple bombing's cleaner work. Especially since it's pretty clear that something's up with that building.

    He and his crew could easily do either…

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  • Leolab

    Jack Yorke walked into Tumulus Memorial Hospital, stopping short at the massive gauntlet of guns, men, and traps that an attacker would have to run to get inside the hospital. He approaches the reception desk, smiling at the now-familiar Human and Altaic females sitting there. "I'm here to see Lloyd. Should have an appointment."

    The human flips through her computer while the Altaic surreptitiously slides her hand under her desk towards the alarm and shotgun, just in case. The human nods and gestures towards the elevator. "He's on B-64. Only thing on that level; can't miss it," she says. Giving a mock salute, Yorke walks into the elevator and presses the button to go down to B-43. The elevator descends slowly as Yorke paces, strides becoming…

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    Jack Yorke walked through the hallways underneath Tumulus Memorial Hospital, heading towards the sole door on the floor. The creaking of the floor echoes in the empty corridor as he moves, intruding upon his thoughts. After several minutes, he reaches his destination and enters, seeing Lloyd reclining in a chair.

    "Yorke. Travel ban's lifted today."

    "Thank God. Thought I'd go crazy sitting here and waiting for Terra Prima to strike at us."

    "Don't tell me those thugs distracted you from the larger problem?"

    "Risir. I haven't forgotten, but you haven't given us any leads."

    "Well, I have intel on two Keys. First one's the yellow one. It's on Lachesis I. Bloody algorithm seems to like symmetry."

    "I see..."

    "Lachesis I shares an orbit with Lachesis II,…

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    DVM10 Interlude

    September 9, 2015 by Leolab

    Hayashi Toro sat at a bar table, six glasses in front of him. He was in a clone of his original, unaltered body - a lean, Japanese human male.

    "You guys seriously need some work," he says, looking at the beings sitting next to him. He'd challenged the entire Dawn Voyager crew to a month's worth of VR combat. For most of the crew - Basta, Stefan, Roar-Ree, and Har-Bak - they only needed to defeat him once. The other three - Yorke, Oeh-Wje, and BOB-5 - needed to win a majority of the fights. Toro won against the former four, tied with Yorke and Oeh-Wje, and lost to BOB-5 by a single match. "Tell you what. I've worked with you guys a bunch, and I kinda like most of ya. From now 'till the travel restrictions end, I'll give you some training."


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    Mission Ten: Honor Guard

    July 30, 2015 by Leolab

    Yorke knocks on the door to Oeh-Wje's quarters on the Dawn Voyager and opens the door, walking in and glancing around, seeing a bed and racks upon racks of toroids.

    "Shitslicer ammo," Oeh-Wje says, "Anything you wanted, Captain?"

    "Yeah. Lloyd's going to give us an assignment, down in the cargo bay."

    "Better move, then," she says, walking with Yorke out the door. They step into the elevator and ride down to the cargo bay. They descend to see the ramp opening and Lloyd striding in.

    "Has the Corpse recovered?" she asks as the elevator slows.

    "Aye," Yorke says. The two walk to meet Lloyd in the center of the cargo bay, Oeh-Wje looking nervously at his featureless face.

    "Easy job for you today," their employer says, "But important. Should also boost …

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  • Leolab

    Remy Yousser sits in his office, looking at the paper laid our on the desk, surrounded by several open tins of dried plants. Some are high-quality Chlorin imports, a few from Earth. Most were low-quality local plants, however, with properties varying from stimulating, to relaxing, to hallucinogenic. He ponders for a few moments and reaches out to one of the tins as the door opens, letting in a man in a suit.

    "Mr. Remy Yousser?"

    "Present. And you are?"

    "A representative from the Bliss provisional government."

    "So. How can I help?"

    "To keep things quick, I have a case for you to investigate."

    "I'd hope so. Investigating cases is what I do."

    "Since our planets are so neighborly, I assume you've heard about the recent assassination?"

    "Yeah. Those supr…

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  • Leolab

    The door to the Booze Bullet opens, and several members of the Dawn Voyager crew walk in, waving at the bartender, who waves over a waitress. "Cassi," the bartender says, "Your regulars are here."

    Cassi walks up to the Dawn Voyager crew, smiling. "The range again?"

    "Yeah. Don't want our skills to die out," Yorke replies.

    "Hope Oeh-Wje comes with that job soon," Roar-Ree mutters, "I hate waiting."

    "Less complaining, more shooting," BOB-5 says, "Har-Bak's down for the count, so we need at least one more guy who can shoot worth a damn."

    The group walks towards the range, ribbing each other. Cassi blows Stefan a kiss as she gets back to working.

    The sounds of gunfire echo in the range, followed by the sounds of shells hitting the floor.

    "You're getti…

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  • Leolab

    Nero walks through the halls of Ansra, glaring disgustedly at the depravities his fellow Skeavers visited on the station's former inhabitants. He grabs a few dried Chlorin leaves from his pocket and a small bit of paper, wrapping it. He extends his plasma blades, using the heat generated by them to light up. He takes a drag, and sighs out a cloud of smoke as the chemicals calm him down. He always needed at least one when he was on the station.

    He steps up behind an armored Skeaver leading - and eying - a naked Altaic female with a mancatcher around her neck. The Altaic was bruised and teetering, limping bowlegged down the line towards the checkpoint. The bored guard at the checkpoint flipped a page and waved the pair forward, leaving Nero n…

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  • Leolab

    Lloyd sits outside a building on Bliss, supervising several teams that scurry about with various tools and devices. He taps twice on his tablet, seeing that the group that had gotten captured has arrived on MegaPlex. He opens a channel to the comm devices in their gear, which was lying next to them in the cargo hold.

    "This is Lloyd. Respond."

    "Lloyd?" Har-Bak says, "Are you going to get us out of here?"


    "Then what is it?" Stefan asks.

    "In appreciation for putting your mission first last time, I'm going to give you some information. As well as a new mission."

    "A new mission?" Basta says, "What can we do tied up here?"

    "You remember the object you retrieved from Risir's mansion?"

    "Yeah," Roar-Ree says, "that diamond-like thing?"

    "There's anothe…

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  • Leolab

    Evan Washington relaxes in a bar, sipping a gin on the rocks and munching on half a sandwich. he lounges in the booth, enjoying the alcohol, when one of his crewmembers, Red Harris, comes in, waving at him. "Thought I'd find you in here," she says, taking a seat across from him and grabbing the other half of the sandwich from his plate. "Got a call from one of our contacts on MegaPlex."

    "Oh? What'd they say?"

    "You know that custom weapons dealer from Ord Melul, Abe-something? Made some good shit, kinda insane, had a Synth fetish?"

    "Abram Abakumov?'

    "Yeah, that's the one. Anyway, looks like he owed one of the big shots on MegaPlex some serious cash."

    "Isn't debt collecting for their enforcers?"

    "Here's the thing, see. Robo-fucker's dead, and ever…

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  • Leolab

    Jack Yorke looked at the small hand cart his employer brought onto the cargo hold of the Dawn Voyager. There were three items there; one was for digital storage, one seemed to be a canister of gas, and the third was a set of explosives. The more he thought about them, the more confused he got. He glanced at Lloyd, who was pacing back and forth in a corner of the hold, speaking into a communicator.

    "What's this stuff for, boss?" BOB-5 asks, walking in.

    "Lloyd says it'll help us with the Risir issue."

    "Hmm... if he's thinking what I think he's thinking..."

    "Depends," Lloyd says, walking over, "Is it overly complicated to try and throw Risir off track?"

    BOB-5 gives a metallic sigh in response.

    "You're going to be infiltrating Risir's personal ship,…

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  • Leolab

    Play in another tab

    Nero walks towards a building on Distress, crossbow folded and holstered on his back. His quiver, stocked with thirty bolts, was sewn as part of his cloak. The other Skeavers shrank back as they saw him; their wariness was not only due to the intimidating cybernetics or his position as Pierce's top man, but also due to his status as a pariah. He was nowhere near as violent or intolerant as his brethren.

    He sneered up at Ansra, the orbiting space station passing overhead, put in place by the Altaic species without so much as asking permission. Being less murderous and xenophobic as other Skeavers wasn't too high a bar.

    He entered the building and grabbed one of the express descent poles. He was almost late to get an assignm…

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  • Leolab

    Tokyo, Japan; Earth

    Open in new tab

    Yoshirō Katashi walked through an immaculately tended garden, sandals rasping softly on the stepping stones leading through the water. He pauses for a second, savoring the fragrant aroma of the cherry blossoms, the soft brush of the gently falling petals anointing his brow, and basking in the subtle warmth of the simulated sunlight from the dome arcing overhead. He continued forward, taking careful steps on the smooth obsidian that peeked between the reflection of the idyllic blue "sky." Walking the gardens, which made the paths between buildings in the Ryū Hasu Yakuza's compound, never failed to relax him.

    He quickly reached his destination, a bamboo raft sitting near the center of the gardens. There were …

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  • Leolab

    Mission Six: Twelve Parsecs

    January 30, 2015 by Leolab

    The Dawn Voyager sat in a spaceport on Bliss, waiting while its crew enjoyed drinks in a cantina across town. Jack Yorke sipped his whiskey at a table with Oeh-Wje, watching his crewmates relax, unwind and try to forget what they were told only weeks before. Basta was swapping stories with the bartender, talking about past customers and drinks they’d made. The chatter of automatic rifle fire from the adjoining gun range was Har-Bak training Roar-Ree on how to use his new rifle. BOB-5 sat in a corner playing cards; miraculously enough, he hadn’t shot anyone for accusing him of cheating yet. Stefan was sitting and chatting with Cassi, who had just been hired on as a waitress.

    Yorke smiled. He was proud of his crew; they’d come through the pas…

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  • Leolab

    Mission Five: Yorke's Six

    November 25, 2014 by Leolab

    Jack Yorke led Har-Bak, Roar-Ree, and Stefan Kanoff, the latter of whom was holding a small vid screen displaying Basta in the med bay, into the comms room where BOB-5 is talking to Lloyd.

    "And then she runs past me, screaming her head off," the robot says, "And when I made a crack about it, Risir tells me he gave her Anat'Ara."

    "Are you shitting me?" Lloyd says, "He gave her Anat'Ara and she drank it? She was a fuckin' bartender; she should know better."

    "A bartender on Ord Melul. You do remember how much your Secretary complains that there's no good booze on that planet, right?"

    "Don't remind me," Lloyd says, rolling his eyes, "And I see your crewmates are here, so let's get down to business."

    "So what's the job?" Yorke says, "I assume it's s…

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  • Leolab

    Mission Four: Tomb Raiding

    October 21, 2014 by Leolab

    Jack Yorke looked in surprise as Lloyd wheeled a rack of environmental protection suits into the Dawn Voyager's cargo bay. There were three Human models, one Eurypt, and two Altaic. "What's all this for? And can't you pay someone to do this for you?"

    "Remember how I told you Risir hired you specifically for a job?" Lloyd says, waiting for Yorke to nod, "Well, you're going to be guarding and helping him on a dig on Lachesis II. That's what the suits're for."

    "Wait, what's so awful about this planet?"

    "Never been in the Lachesis system, have you?"

    "Can't say I have. This'll be my first time."

    "That system's got some trippy shit going on. Lachesis I and II share an orbit, close enough to Lachesis that most kinds of rock will sublimate. As you can …

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  • Leolab

    Mission Three: Escort Mission

    September 29, 2014 by Leolab

    The crew of the Dawn Voyager sat in their ship, flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch. They were on some forced R&R, having been only recently discharged from the hospital. They were stuck here until their employer gave them a new job.

    "Goddamnit, there's nothing to watch!" Har-Bak says, throwing the remote in disgust.

    "You could always watch the news," Yorke says, "Might give us a hint as to our next job."

    "Only thing they're talking about is the Distress Terracide, and I think we're all sick and tired of being reminded about it," Stefan says.

    "It's been three bloody weeks. You'd think their attention spans would have run out."

    Basta stumbles in, trying to hold a platter with three drinks while drinking the fourth.


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  • Leolab

    The Dawn Voyager sat in orbit around the planet Sujaj, awaiting its next mission. Its crewmembers were restless, eager to get on with their new mission.

    The medic, Stefan Kanoff, was in the medical bay, treating their engineer, Abram Abakumov. For his part, Abram was simply lying their while the surgeon repairs his hamstrings.

    The soldier, Har-Bak, was in his quarters checking his weaponry.

    The pilot and navigator, BOB-5 hand Basta Sekmet, sat restlessly in the cockpit. The robot was passing the time by telling the Altaic a series of successively more gruesome stories about his combat days, enjoying the horror, disgust, and discomfort shown.

    The captain, Jack Yorke, was sitting in the communications room, awaiting contact from his employer. Ba…

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  • Leolab

    Mission One: Salvage Op

    July 28, 2014 by Leolab

    Two ships waited in orbit above Ord Melul. One blocky and angled, and the other sleek and smooth, they were studies in contrast. The angular ship, the Star Horizon, was captained by Wayne Harre, and contained a motley, half-trained menagerie for a crew. The smoother-hulled ship, the Dawn Voyager, was captained by Jack Yorke, and contained a motley, experienced band of professionals for a crew. The one area they were similar, however, was their employer.

    Both men had bought their ships from Lloyd, a Handler in the enigmatic Bounty and Contract Association. While the BCA is well known throughout the galaxy for its work in disseminating contract employment, its leadership and operations are conducted in mystery which has given them an - not enti…

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  • Leolab

    Prologue: Twining

    July 9, 2014 by Leolab

    Moirai. The Fates of ancient Greek Mythology. None left alive remember how they measured, spun, and slashed the threads of fate, dictating how mere mortals lived and died. For any normal being, naming your starship - your interplanetary home - after these beings would be the height of arrogance.

    It was no ordinary being, then, whose ship had touched down moments earlier on Ord Melul. The rhomboid hull rests on four extended landing struts as its engines' whine dwindles to silence. Seconds later, the doors of the ship open and the loading ramp lowers, revealing the interior of the ship to be filled with numerous, enormous crates. The spaceport workers jog up, knowing from experience that it would take an overnight shift to move everything ou…

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