Who needs "ethnics" when you got cash?
— James Stumbo

James Stumbo was a human physician, and an illegal organ trader.  Whenever Stumbo's patients died on duty, he would often removes vital organs from their bodies to sell on black markets. 


Early LifeEdit

James Stumbo was born in the Midwest of North America on Earth. Raised by an orthodonist and brain surgeon, Stumbo's life was always occupied with medicine, science, and an extreme lack of parents. Graduating with top marks, Stumbo was pressured by his parents into going to medical school. 

Stumbo worked hard in school, but while he did gain an occupation in emergency vehicular medical practice, the debts he had to pay couldn't be paid by either him or his parents. Stumbo countered this by, in his mind, the most effective method; Leaving planet Earth. 

Smuggled aboard a merchant vessel, Stumbo was quickly put to work as the ship's resident medical officer. However, while the work paid decently, Stumbo's greed caught up with him and he quit his job, leaving as he landed on Revnor

Illegal Organ TradeEdit

Out of work, Stumbo soon entered an illegal practicing ring of the organ trade. To cover up his suspisciously large amount of money gain, Stumbo set up a small emergency clinic in one of the poorer areas of the district. 

Soon, the local crime lords wished for Stumbo to work under them, but the human refused. Wishing to send a message, the criminals burnt the clinic to the ground and sent Stumbo off the planet. Sneaking aboard a vessel en route to Ord Melul, the vessel crash-landed on Courbohn. 

There, the ship and its crew were initially met with open arms under the care of the recently promoted Captain Har-Bak. However, Har-Bak's commanding officer discovered the crew and had them killed. Har-Bak was also attacked, and the Eurypt escaped Courbohn alongside Stumbo, the sole survivor. 

Left without a home or occupation, Har-Bak reluctantly agreed to work under Stumbo as his armed guard  and thug. The duo set up shop on Ord Melul. Acting as his enforcer, Stumbo quickly gained riches and respect, never having to worry about his shop being destroyed again.

Five years later, when Har-Bak abandoned Stumbo, the organ trader was killed by rival businessmen on Ord Melul.