The savage inhabitants of Avlen, the Lupinus Huntress are a wolf-like species that dwell in packs. They're widely ignored by the rest of the galaxy due to their ferocity.

Physical FeaturesEdit

  • The average height of a Lupinus is between 10-12 feet.
  • Their fur is usually either black, silver, or brown, though the occasional albino has sprung up.
  • Lupinus are somewhat lanky, though they are still incredibly strong.
  • Bipedal, though they run on all fours when hunting.
  • Lupinus have excellent senses of smell and hearing.
  • Their claws are non-retractable.


Lupinus, due to the numerous hostile species on Avlen, often travel in packs of various sizes. Sizes in these packs can vary between a few dozen to a few thousand Lupiness. Lupinus follow the belief that the strongest should be in charge, meaning that leadership is often in conflict with challengers. If the head of one pack slays a rival pack's leader, the defeated pack is integrated into the victorious one. The Lupinus tend to look down on intelligence unless you're strong enough to back it up, meaning outsiders should be ready to defend themselves.

Lacking a proper language, the Lupinus communicate through barks and growls, making what they're saying hard for other species to understand. Children are often named based off of traits, like "Fastpaw" or "Sharptooth". Weak children rarely recieve names, and are often left to determine their own. If they do receive names, they are often insults like "Runt" or "Weakpaw".

Interaction With Other SpeciesEdit


  • The Lupiness were inspired by the werewolves from Dragon Age: Origins.
  • Only one Lupinus has ever gone off-world.