Ord Melul
Ord Melul

Aurate System


Barren Rock

Native Species





2.5-5 Billion


Royale Terre Mining

Ord Melul started its life as an ordnance depot for the armed escorts accompanying explorers setting out from the Sol System. It was chosen as an ordnance depot due to its location as one of the few planets with a habitable atmosphere near the Sol System. A grand total of two cities were built, each an hour's walk from the other. After some time, the strategic significance of the planet faded. Since there was no real reason to stay on the barren, lifeless rock, the military simply took off and left, leaving the already-built cities behind.

A century later, a mining corporation bought rights to the system. After doing several geological surveys, they found that the crust contained a multitude of metals, both precious and practical, as well as several very rare types of minerals. The corporation set up a board of directors to govern the planet, and created several mining colonies. The detritus that arose from the various operations and downtrodden beings trying to make their fortune necessitated a large junkyard, created in a worn-out strip mine that reached just a few meters above the planet's mantle.

Eventually, this massive junkyard caught the attention of the enigmatic Bounty and Contract Association. They sent a small contingent to set up shop near the junkyards. Using the raw materials at hand, their expert fabricators built the shells of starships, adding in imported FTL Drives so as to sell them. This turned enough of a profit to enable Lloyd, a high-ranking member in the Association, build a shipyard connecting to their offices on the planet and to come in and direct operations personally.

The bars, mines, spaceport, and junkyard attract beings from all over the galaxy, making Ord Melul a surprisingly busy planet. Despite being filled to the brim with interesting beings and chock-full of opportunities to make a quick fortune, starship captains tend to find recruitment rather easy. For all its prospects and people, Ord Melul is really just a rock.

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