Royale Terre Mining
Founded By

Émile Armistead

Years Active

100+ Years

Based In

Various systems






Razors Edge


Rival Mining companies Skeaver Pirates

The Royale Terre Mining Company has existed for 100+ years and one of the most highly-profitable mining companies. The company has speard throughout multiple systems in pursuit of the minerals and materials that exist on these planets. They have contracts set-up with various races and have brought materials to these planets. They are known for their humanitarian efforts to bring various goods to planets in need, but have been targeted by controversy by some of their business practices. 




The Royale Terre Mining company is no stranger to controversy as some of their businuess practices have caused public outcry and wary looks. Some of the controversy directed towards the company is the following, but not limited to.

  • Exploring Primeval without permission
  • Hiring private military companies; primarily Razors Edge for protection detail
  • Questionable businuess practices 
  • Establishing mining facilities upon planets not fully surveyed
  • Firing upon wildlife after one of their facilities were attacked
  • Having contracts with non-Human militaries. This mainly caused controversy among Human supremacists who saw the act as 'providing the enemy with materials.'

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