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The Savage Sickle is a mercenary company primarily composed of Eurypt veterans of The Gathering War. The company was founded and led by Loo-Draug, a former lieutenant in the Eurypt army. Disillusioned at the stubbornness of his people, Loo-Draug received funding from similar-minded politicians on Courbohn to create a mercenary company that would serve as liaisons to gain allies from other species. However, due to the fact that their goals are incredibly controversial to more conservative members of The Eurypt, the government refuses to acknowledge them and their deals as actual allies. This has caused a hostile tension between the growing mercenary company and professional Eurypt military on their home planet.


Growing Tensions on the HomefrontEdit

Assistance of Planae MilitaryEdit

When the Savage Sickle was first founded, they'd sent out representatives to as many planet systems as possible. The Sickles finally found success in the Chlorin, a planet-like species that lacked the proper biology to train their military forces. With tension heightening on Courbohn, a large majority of the Sickles moved to serve as a stand-in mercenary army for the species. In turn, their charges aided in funding, as well as vouching for the company's ability to other species.

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