Scelus System
Star Type

M3 V Dwarf, Red

Number of Planets


Galactic Sector


Important Structures

MegaPlex City, Asteroid belts


Main star in the system and its namesake. It's an ordinary M3 V Red Dwarf.

Scelus IEdit

A heavily radiated rock planet with a thin corrosive atmosphere. Orbital Radius: 0.18 AU

Asteroid Belt IEdit

A small asteroid belt surrounding Scelus I. Orbital Radius: 0.30 AU

Scelus IIEdit

A heavily radiated rock planet. Orbital Radius: 0.42 AU

Asteroid Belt IIEdit

Another small belt of asteroids surrounding Scelus II. Orbital Radius: 0.65 AU

Scelus IIIEdit

A Jovian planet with 17 small moons. The moons were once colonized by miners before eventually being abandoned. Orbital Radius: 1.16 AU

MegaPlex CityEdit

Former rest stop for miners and travelers, now a major criminal hub and entertainment center. Orbital Radius: 0.72

Scelus IVEdit

Ice giant, has one small moon. Orbital Radius: 4.24 AU

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