Trident Tech
Founded By

Takagawa Toyoaki

Years Active


Based In



Arms Manufacturing


Dazzer Co., Heckler & Colt

Send your foes to Hades with a blast of the mighty Trident!
— Motto

Trident Tech is a Japanese Earth-based intergalactic weapon company, specializing exclusively in plasma-based weaponry, including firearms, explosives, and plasma-blades. Trident is one of the earliest companies to produce plasma weaponry, and as such one of the most well-known and popular manufacturers. Despite being a plasma weapons company, it has a fierce rivalry with alternative weapons choices Dazzer Co. and Heckler & Colt.



Trident Tech was founded by Takagawa Toyoaki as an alternative weapons choice from conventional weapons. Trident weaponry incorporates Martian weaponry and design as well as plasma weaponry ideas from other advanced species.


Trident is now considered the premiere and go-to manufacturer for plasma weaponry, with some major military, PMC, and mercenary groups using it. However, Trident still has competition from other firearm companies of any kind.



Type Name Magazine Cartridge Range RoF
Shotgun TM-98 80-round Box Mag Plasma Slug 30 m Semi-Auto Pepperbox
Heavy Emplaced Machine Gun TMX-130E 1000-round Box Mag Plasma Slug 500 m 975 RPM full auto
Pistol TM-12 10-round Box Mag Plasma Slug 100 m Semi-Auto


Type Name Payload Radius
Grenade Wave Grenade Plasma 2.5 ft
Mine PBC-5 Plasma 3 meters (directional)

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