Jack Yorke led Har-Bak, Roar-Ree, and Stefan Kanoff, the latter of whom was holding a small vid screen displaying Basta in the med bay, into the comms room where BOB-5 is talking to Lloyd.

"And then she runs past me, screaming her head off," the robot says, "And when I made a crack about it, Risir tells me he gave her Anat'Ara."

"Are you shitting me?" Lloyd says, "He gave her Anat'Ara and she drank it? She was a fuckin' bartender; she should know better."

"A bartender on Ord Melul. You do remember how much your Secretary complains that there's no good booze on that planet, right?"

"Don't remind me," Lloyd says, rolling his eyes, "And I see your crewmates are here, so let's get down to business."

"So what's the job?" Yorke says, "I assume it's something to do with Risir and that artifact."

"It is. Risir owns a mansion on Bliss, which is where he went directly after the excavation. The artifact he found is likely there, as well. I need to confirm my suspicions as to what it is, so your job is to get in, grab the artifact, and get out. You're going to need to finish this in the next three days."

"You got blueprints or pictures or something of the mansion?"

"Yes. I'm sending them to your computer now. The mansion is very outwardly plain; looks like a mesa. It actually is a mesa, in fact, with the rooms carved out inside. From all accounts, decoration is functional. Risir doesn't much care to flaunt his wealth. The artifact will likely be in one of the study rooms he has.

Since this is on short notice, you're going to have to do the planning and division yourself. This mission must be completed within the next three days."

"This is our fifth mission, boss," BOB-5 says.

"So it is," Lloyd replies, "For every five missions, you get to choose a bonus reward. Be it some extra cash - I decide how much - a new weapon, or whatever else you like."

"How about a house on, say... Bliss?" Har-Bak asks, jokingly.

"If enough of you ask for a house, you will get one. Now I have things to attend to; I'll be on Ord Melul for the next three days. Report to me there with the artifact once you have it."

OOC: Next three days of ES time, not IRL time.

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