Jack Yorke looked in surprise as Lloyd wheeled a rack of environmental protection suits into the Dawn Voyager's cargo bay. There were three Human models, one Eurypt, and two Altaic. "What's all this for? And can't you pay someone to do this for you?"

"Remember how I told you Risir hired you specifically for a job?" Lloyd says, waiting for Yorke to nod, "Well, you're going to be guarding and helping him on a dig on Lachesis II. That's what the suits're for."

"Wait, what's so awful about this planet?"

"Never been in the Lachesis system, have you?"

"Can't say I have. This'll be my first time."

"That system's got some trippy shit going on. Lachesis I and II share an orbit, close enough to Lachesis that most kinds of rock will sublimate. As you can probably imagine, breathing in rock vapor is not the healthiest thing."

"Why's there an extra Human and Altaic suit? And no Lupinus suit?"

"The extra human's for BOB-5. He's sturdy, but the conditions there wouldn't be very kind to his systems. There are no Lupinus HAZENV suits, so Roar-Ree's going to have to make do with an Altaic suit"

"That works. He'll be a little uncomfortable, though."

"He can fucking deal. And as to your second question earlier, paying someone to do this for me would involve paying them. I try to avoid that as much as possible."

"I was under the impression you had 'literally limitless wealth'"

"And I didn't get that way by spending cash on shit I could do myself. I'll leave you to it, then." Lloyd turns to leave, and then pauses at the door.

"Oh, and Yorke? I want a picture of that artifact he's digging up. It might be important."

OOC: Rather than guarding the DV, the other group will be with a second dig site.

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