Jack Yorke looked at the small hand cart his employer brought onto the cargo hold of the Dawn Voyager. There were three items there; one was for digital storage, one seemed to be a canister of gas, and the third was a set of explosives. The more he thought about them, the more confused he got. He glanced at Lloyd, who was pacing back and forth in a corner of the hold, speaking into a communicator.

"What's this stuff for, boss?" BOB-5 asks, walking in.

"Lloyd says it'll help us with the Risir issue."

"Hmm... if he's thinking what I think he's thinking..."

"Depends," Lloyd says, walking over, "Is it overly complicated to try and throw Risir off track?"

BOB-5 gives a metallic sigh in response.

"You're going to be infiltrating Risir's personal ship," Lloyd says.

"Remember what happened last time we tried something like that?" Yorke says.

"Hopefully, you learn from your mistakes. This time, you're going to need two teams. I'll give you a pair of breaching capsules, so you won't need to concentrate on defending the Dawn Voyager. Or your main entry point, since you can use the fact that it's really just a hollowed-out asteroid to hide it near an airlock tunnel. At any rate, one team will go after the life support, seemingly intending to blow it up."

"With something that small?" BOB-5 says.

"As Duster pointed out, this is a rather obvious feint. Clearly meant to distract his attention from the team going for the mainframe to download data relating to the Keys. What he won't realize is that the mainframe attack is also a feint, distracting him from the life support team's actual goal of releasing the contents of that canister into the ventilation system."

"Let me guess, tracking nanos?"

"Got it in one. These will let us extrapolate which of his dig sites are actually related to the Keys by comparing it to our own data."

So... yeah. It's business as usual now. Skully chooses teams, I'll give comment order, etc.

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