The Dawn Voyager sat in a spaceport on Bliss, waiting while its crew enjoyed drinks in a cantina across town. Jack Yorke sipped his whiskey at a table with Oeh-Wje, watching his crewmates relax, unwind and try to forget what they were told only weeks before. Basta was swapping stories with the bartender, talking about past customers and drinks they’d made. The chatter of automatic rifle fire from the adjoining gun range was Har-Bak training Roar-Ree on how to use his new rifle. BOB-5 sat in a corner playing cards; miraculously enough, he hadn’t shot anyone for accusing him of cheating yet. Stefan was sitting and chatting with Cassi, who had just been hired on as a waitress.

Yorke smiled. He was proud of his crew; they’d come through the past few months together, performing quite nicely despite the rocky beginning. His peaceful reminiscence was cut off by the muffled beeping of the tablet in his coat. He looked at it, and then caught BOB-5’s eye. Their employer was calling.

It was time for the Dawn Voyager to once again sail the endless skies.

Yorke put a few Aught down for his drink and got up, walking out to the curious stare of his drinking buddy. He walks through the streets, navigating his way back to the spaceport with one hand on his pistol. This wasn’t exactly the safest area on Bliss. His path took him past the still-ruined mansion of Syra Iben, driving the point home once again.

Yorke walks into the Dawn Voyager and turns on the communicator. The image resolves to his employer, the enigmatic being known as Lloyd.

"We've found a couple leads on more Keys," he says, "But we need to investigate some more. I really shouldn't have made the location algorithm so complicated. In the mean time, we need to throw Risir off the scent. For that, you're going to be having some unrelated jobs between finding the remaining Keys. This one is a simple smuggling run from Toka to Bliss. You'll be met on-planet by a Drothian who I think you're familiar with. Your crew can sober up on the way."

OOC: You're going to need everyone on this, so the comment order is:

Skully -> Cfp -> J80 -> Me -> Las -> Toast -> Beast -> Me

And yes, that Drothian is Staskav Riker.

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