The crew of the Dawn Voyager sat in their ship, flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch. They were on some forced R&R, having been only recently discharged from the hospital. They were stuck here until their employer gave them a new job.

"Goddamnit, there's nothing to watch!" Har-Bak says, throwing the remote in disgust.

"You could always watch the news," Yorke says, "Might give us a hint as to our next job."

"Only thing they're talking about is the Distress Terracide, and I think we're all sick and tired of being reminded about it," Stefan says.

"It's been three bloody weeks. You'd think their attention spans would have run out."

Basta stumbles in, trying to hold a platter with three drinks while drinking the fourth.

"Drinks as ordered."

"Basta, this is your sixth today," Stefan says, sounding concerned.


"So it's not even noon!"

"What the hell else am I going to do? Go to that quack therapist?"

The bickering starts once again, and Yorke just grabs his drink and goes to the communication room. If Lloyd didn't contact him with a job son, there would be trouble with the crew. He sits down, trying to figureout what to do with his situation.

As if on cue, the communicator rings, and the screen shifts into an image of Lloyd.

"Yorke. I've found a job more suited to your skill level. A Revnorian named Syra Iben is a black market dealer operating on Bliss. He's making a sale to an Ira'Preja named Risir, and he wants an escort of six."

"We're only five."

"He's hired a being named Roar-Ree as well. Keep an eye on him; he's supposed to be a skilled engineer. I'm transmitting the meeting coordinates now. Don't fuck this one up, too."

Lloyd disconnects, abruptly shutting the screen off.

OOC: For this mission, Skully, you will need to split the team into three. One group will escort the cargo, one will escort Syra, and the third will move on the rooftops and balconies to ensure nothing surprises the deal from above. I'll assign Roar-Ree (Beast) to a team after you split everyone up.

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