The Dawn Voyager sat in orbit around the planet Sujaj, awaiting its next mission. Its crewmembers were restless, eager to get on with their new mission.

The medic, Stefan Kanoff, was in the medical bay, treating their engineer, Abram Abakumov. For his part, Abram was simply lying their while the surgeon repairs his hamstrings.

The soldier, Har-Bak, was in his quarters checking his weaponry.

The pilot and navigator, BOB-5 hand Basta Sekmet, sat restlessly in the cockpit. The robot was passing the time by telling the Altaic a series of successively more gruesome stories about his combat days, enjoying the horror, disgust, and discomfort shown.

The captain, Jack Yorke, was sitting in the communications room, awaiting contact from his employer. Barely a few minutes later, the nanofilament display abruptly turns on and shifts to an image of Lloyd.

"Yorke. I hope you're ready for your next paycheck."

"I am, Lloyd. What's the job?"

"Well, this one should please Duster greatly. The Skeavers have been causing trouble again. Ship disappearances in Sector 13 have greatly increased in the past few months. Travel to either Lamia I or the space station in the same system. Do some shit, and the Skeavers should come right to you. Kill them. You'll get 10 Aught, 2 Aght each for your trouble."

With that, the display shuts off as suddenly as it had turned on.

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